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Thrill Rides

Durant Amusements carries an assortment of rides that will make you scream for more! From the high flying Kamikaze to the dizzying Orbiter, we have everything needed to give you the adrenalin rush you desire.

Flying Bobs

The Flying Bobs is a spectacular music ride that features free swinging ride vehicles that move up and down the hills and valleys of the ride.

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The Hurricane is a exciting spinning ride that combines both high speeds and free fall!

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The Kamikaze takes riders for a giant 55ft upside-down loop.

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Pharaohs Fury

The Pharaoh?s Fury is a family ride with a Egyptian ship theme. The ship wings back and forth via a pendulum.

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Rock O Plane

As the ferris wheel spins, riders are able to lock their car so that it spins freely or rotates with the wheel.

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As the center of the ride rotates, so does the spindles which the seats are on.

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Super Shot

Once at the top, the vehicle pauses and plummets to the ground when the riders least expect it!

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As the ride motion begins, the vehicle slowly starts to rock left and right until it reaches its full height of 50ft.

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The X-Treme is a high speed thrill ride that whirls riders throughout the air in circular motions.

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Yo Yo

The Yo Yo is a spectacular swing ride that spins riders 30 feet in the air while tilting at a 15 degree angle.

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