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Family Rides

Carnivals and fairs make for the perfect family outing. We have a variety of rides that are just the right speed and are able to accommodate the entire family.

Alpine Village

The Alpine Village is a fun house attraction complete with moving floors, rubber band maze, punching bags, trick mirrors, and a rotating barrel!

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Das Fun Haus

Das Fun House is filled with trick mirrors, moving staircases, slides, and much more!

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Dizzy Dogs

The dogs themselves spin through people power. The faster you spin the steering wheel, the faster the dog spins.

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Ferris Wheel

The Eli Hy 5 is a traditional Ferris wheel. The Eli HY-5 features 12 traditional Ferris wheel seats offering patrons a birds eye view of the surrounding area!

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Fire Chief

The Fire Chief is a fun ride in which the large bus goes up and down in a circular motion. Moms and dads can ride too!

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Riders are able to control the spin of their ride vehicle using the turn table in the middle. As the ride begins to spin, the vehicles slowly move outward.

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Grand Carousel

The Grand Carousel is a spectacular and colorful carousel featuring two stationary chariots and three horses abreast

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Super Slide

The Super Slide is another favorite among children and adults on the midway. Guests ride down this 90 foot long fiberglass slide on felt sleds.

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